Suspension of Liberal Democrat Membership following a Standards Hearings Panel Decision, Wednesday 15 November 2023

8 Dec 2023

On 15 November 2023 a Standards Hearings Panel convened by Elmbridge Borough
Council concluded that two members of Claygate Parish Council (CPC) had bullied the
former Parish Clerk. The two members were members of the Liberal Democrat Party.
Elmbridge Liberal Democrats (ELD) note and accept the Panel’s decision.
Liberal Democrats do not tolerate bullying by anyone. We expect all our members to
respect the Code of Conduct and its provisions regarding bullying. This is even more
important for those who hold positions of responsibility.
Following the decision on 15 November I took immediate action to suspend the ELD
Party membership of the two CPC councillors pending the results of any appeals
process and the national Party’s disciplinary process.
I urged them to relinquish their official positions within CPC. I also urged them to
consider seriously the recommendations of the Panel that they should undertake
training and should apologise to the previous CPC Clerk. It is noted that they have both
since apologised to the former Clerk and have agreed to undertake the training that the panel required.

David Steeds
Elmbridge Liberal Democrats